How can I display a list of current environment variables and also recognized regular expressions....

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu May 1 20:58:29 UTC 2008

John Toliver wrote:
> So "*" in 
> Linux= "*.*" in windows.  Now where would I go to read about all the
> other equivalents like these.  Like for example I want to write a
> nautilus script that opens a selected folder w/ root access, (I already
> have the script that does this but I want to learn to create them
> myself)

I don't know if a nautilus script is special in any way, but for shell 
scripts you could use <> 
as a reference. If you prefer a book (like me) I can recommend the 
O'Reilly book "Learning the bash shell" by Cameron Newham & Bill 
Rosenblatt. Often you can get a list of commands related to your task if 
you use the apropos command in a terminal, like

apropos copy

which will give you the command cp (among many other commands). Then to 
find out the syntax of a particular command you can use the man command, 
like this (again in a terminal):

man cp

But I can't tell you where to find a list of equivalents between Windows 
and Linux.


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