Undo 7.10 upgrade to 8.04 ?

elmo elmo at ne.rr.com
Thu May 1 20:37:26 UTC 2008

I started the 7.10 upgrade to 8.04 after midnight and the process seemed 
to work perfectly  but I believe that I made some bad judgments because 
I was half asleep.

One that I recall was selecting either a new menu.lst or keeping the old 
one.  I chose the old one  (why? , oh why?).  Now there's nothing in the 
bootup menu that indicates that there is an  8.04 on board.  When the 
desktop appears, it looks exactly like the old one in 7.10.

How can I determine if the upgrade actually occurred.  Should the 
desktop look different? 

Lastly, what's the best course to take from here?
1.  Forget about upgrading......just delete 7.10 and install a fresh 
8.04 from CD
2.  Just do a fresh upgrade over the current upgrade.  (long before 
3.   ????-----undo the upgrade then repeat the upgrade (  "       
"         "  )


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