How can I display a list of current environment variables and also recognized regular expressions....

John Toliver john.toliver at
Thu May 1 20:16:52 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 01:25 +0530, Raseel Bhagat wrote:

> In Linux yo u can do a similar thing with a slight option change :
> cp /home/john/* /usr/local/
> Here giving a single "*" is equivalent to saying "*.*" since it is not
> necessary to mention file extension in regular expressions. Of course,
> "*.*"
> is not wrong either

Thanks much.  that was in the direction I'm getting at.  So "*" in
Linux= "*.*" in windows.  Now where would I go to read about all the
other equivalents like these.  Like for example I want to write a
nautilus script that opens a selected folder w/ root access, (I already
have the script that does this but I want to learn to create them
myself) but I want to know how I would specify on the command line "run
command X with whatever I have my mouse on" in a script.  Then of course
I'll store the script in my script's folder and be able to use what my
mouse has selected as the arguments for the script.  Like "%2" in

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