[SOLVED] Re: Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro USB does not work under Ubuntu 8.04.

Bo Peng ben.bob at gmail.com
Thu May 1 20:16:45 UTC 2008

>  > 1. When the PCTV usb stick is plugged in, Ubuntu can not boot. It
>  > freezes before the desktop is started. (Ctrl-Alt-Del would reboot the
>  > machine).
>  This is not unusual, and I don't think there's a way around it if you
>  actually want to be able to boot off USB.  If you have told the BIOS to
>  include USB in the boot order, ahead of your hard drive, then you can't
>  connect any unbootable USB storage media before booting.  otoh, if you
>  don't intend to boot from USB in the near future, just go into the BIOS set
>  up and turn it off.

No. This is different.

The USB device is set in BIOS to boot after local harddrive. With the
USB device plugged in, Ubuntu can boot, but would freeze before the
user desktop starts. When I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, the first shutdown
message is something like 'stop gnome windows manager'.


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