Can't do ALL administration tasks through VNC?

NoOp glgxg at
Thu May 1 18:24:07 UTC 2008

On 05/01/2008 01:12 AM, Gilles Gravier wrote:
> Hi!
> So I've installed Hardy... VERY nice.
> But I have one strange behavior (maybe it's expected - how do I change 
> it?)...
> While I can run Administration->Users and Groups from the console GNOME 
> session and then properly press "Unlock" to get the rights to change 
> things there... if I do this from a VNC session from remote, "Unlock" is 
> greyed out, and effectively, I can't change users... Same thing for 
> configuring shares... and other things.
> My guess is that somehow Ubuntu thinks that a VNC session is unsafe. But 
> I think otherwise (I tunnel my VNC through SSH)... so I'd like to enable 
> full administration regardless of where my GNOME session is connected from.
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> Gilles.

That's interesting. I VNC from Gutsy to Hardy, Hardy to Hardy, Hardy to
Gutsy, and I haven't exprienced that problem. The only time that I do a
problem like that is when I NX to a machine. But I figure the NX issue
can be resolved by a setting somewhere, I've just not bothered to track
it down.

FWIW: On the Hardy machines, I have 2 fresh installs, and 1
Gutsy==>Hardy install.

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