curious about creating a "branded" ubuntu

jack wallen jlwallen at
Thu May 1 16:31:32 UTC 2008

hello all.

i am a freelance writer for CNET/Techrepublic. i have been doing so for
nearly ten years. over those years i have passed back and forth the idea
of creating a "branded" linux distribution for Techrepublic to host (not
sell of course). i would really like to do this with Ubuntu but am not
sure how to go about it. i have used Fedora's Revisor with mixed results.

here's what i would like to have on this distribution:

the core of linux (of course) based on Ubuntu.
Enlightenment (E17)
standard office packages (including graphics packages)
thunderbird/firefox (or maybe flock instead)

now one of the critical features would be configuring the look to go along
with the colors and graphics of Techrepublic. this has been my stumbling
block with Revisor. is there a tool to do this with Unbuntu?

any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

thank you.

jack wallen, jr
sooooooooo yeah

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