Ubuntu 8.04 Is Ready to Take On Windows

Clayton smaug42 at gmail.com
Thu May 1 11:37:35 UTC 2008

>  They give a decent amount to open office, but their main interest
>  there is learning from the OSS they donate to so they can release
>  their closed source Star Office package. (not entirely friendly if you
>  ask me)

SO is not closed source at all.  It is ONLY OOo with proprietary
extras, paid support, and patent indemnification... nothing more.  The
core application is still OOo, and will always be OOo.  That is
becoming even more apparent with the upcoming OOo3/SO9 release in

>  Open Solaris is now OSS yes, but it has strings attached as well.
>  and Java was only released to the GPL last week from memory...

Those strings are being cut one by one.  It takes a VERY long time to
take what was once closed source and release it.  Simon Phips gave a
good interview on this recently.  The code being released has to be
combed over, and any proprietary3rd party stuff removed/rewritten.
Takes a lot of effort and time.  This is one thign that has slowed the
full open sourcing of Java and is also the reason for many of the
strings in Open Solaris.  Those strings are being cut once by one.


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