Ubuntu 8.04 Is Ready to Take On Windows

Francis Earl francis.earl at gmail.com
Thu May 1 09:55:56 UTC 2008

> If you want to name a mega corp that's donating massive amounts into
> the GPL and the like, go look at IBM.
> Those guys looked into their crystal ball and saw that the future is
> services based... so their entire business model is all about making
> the most of that.
> OSS fits very nicely with that model and allows you to profit greatly from OSS.

Very much agreed!

From way back in the day when IBM first gave Microsoft their big break,
they always said software itself isn't where the money is. Microsoft had
their time to shine, and boy did they, but it's finally time for IBM to
be right I think. People are starting to understand just how wrong it is
to have to pay $200 more for their hardware just to have an OS they
didn't pick and have no control over installed on it...

Software isn't where the money is, programmers make money if they work
for a company full time, but even at Microsoft they're not getting paid
THAT much. Microsofts money all went to the higher ups that ran the
company, that is evidenced by the richest men in the world lists. You
think Bill Gates wrote any code himself when Microsoft started getting
really big?

Today though, as IBM thought it would be, it is finally going back to
Services and Hardware that make you the money. That is what worries
Microsoft the most about Linux, and that is why they're trying to insist
on at least buying from Novell rather than developing it yourself and
using it at no cost. They know that if software becomes a commodity,
they will lose billions.

That is how it SHOULD be though, although I believe the Linux Foundation
are onto something by having all companies involved pay for programmers,
rather than just taking from the community.
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