Screen Saver lock up

Karl Larsen k5di at
Mon Mar 31 18:38:45 UTC 2008

Willis Taylor wrote:
> I have just built a new unit with a Biostar K8M800 mainboard, AMD Athlon
> 64 X2 4000 processor and 2 5i2mb sticks of DDR2.  The Ubuntu I installed
> is v.7.10, 32bit and it runs like a top except that I selected the Ant
> Spotlight screensaver and it locked up immediately.  If I go the GUI
> route to select anything else it locks up and I loose the screen after
> about 5 sec. to multiple horizontal lines.  If I allow the machine to
> rest for five minutes it goes to the screen saver and I get the
> horizontal lines.  Can anyone give me a command line to disarm this? 
> Thank you for any help.
    Well I have a BioStar motherboard and it is full of hardware from 
nVidia and it is hard to get it working right. Please check yours by in 
a Terminal type sudo lspci and send us the line that has the video card 

    On mine I tried for the nice full featured display and had the EXACT 
problem your having. I am now back to the original nv in 
/etc/X11/xorg.conf and I now have a less good looking display but the 
crud your having disappeared.



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