K3B question

R Kimber rkimber at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 31 16:43:36 UTC 2008

In K3B, I can drag a folder to the current project and burn it to CD,
which is fine for many purposes.  But how do I create a CD that only has
the *contents* of a given folder and not the folder + contents?

I.e. I want to be able to create a CD with the contents of a given
folder at the root of the CD.  The file selector in the top pane does
not show individual files, only sub-folders, so one can't drag the
files and sub-folders.

I seem to remember that xcdroast had an option that allowed you to
decide whether the folder was the root of the CD or its contents.  Does
K3B have anything similar, or is there some configuration issue that
I've missed?

- Richard
Richard Kimber

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