Japanese input on Kubuntu

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at greshko.com
Mon Mar 31 01:43:03 UTC 2008


> Thanks for the advice, well taken.
> I've installed SCIM, and when I run this I see it in the task bar.  If I 
> click on it, something shows that looks like it should have text within 
> it, but it is blank, as if there are no options available.  I 
> right-click on it, and can configure it, and have Japanese as the only 
> item checked under IMEngines->Global Setup. 
> I read on this page that I need to setup this in .xinitrc, changing 
> zh_CN.GBK to ja_JA.USA.  Is this correct?
> *export XMODIFIERS=@im=SCIM*
> *export LC_CTYPE="zh_CN.GBK"*
> *export GTK_IM_MODULE=scim*
> *export QT_IM_MODULE=scim*
> **startkde**
> I'm confused about what is SCIM and SKIM and what the delta is between them.
> So, I see SKIM in the tray but am unsure where to go now.  I have tried 
> both kedit and firefox and am unsure how to start entering Japanese text.

In order to start using another input method all you should need do is enter 
the keyboard sequence "Ctrl-Shift".  The keyboard icon in your taskbar will 
(should) change and display what input method it being used.

The key environment variables are...


I suppose QT_IM_MODULE may also be set....but I don't have it set and I 
don't have a .xinitrc file.  I do have a .xinput.d directory which contains 
a single symbolic link "default" pointing to /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim.

Let me know if that helps.  I may get kubuntu up and running for the heck of it.

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