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Karl Larsen wrote:
> David Vincent wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>     I thought parted might work to correct the stupid windows taking the 
>>>> entire 160Gb hard drive. But then I used parted check and it says it 
>>>> doesn't know anything about windows file system. Is there any others 
>>>> that might work?
> something is wrong with your system then because parted/gparted/qtparted
> all do recognize windows file systems.  ntfs, fat16 and fat32.  run a
> chkdsk /f /r on your windows partition and see what's up.  you didn't
> hibernate windows before trying to resize the partition did you?  you
> will need to shut windows down cleanly.
> /me suspects operator error
>>     Well for your acute information MY Ubuntu has no gparted or qtparted 
>> on it as well as no chkdsk. The parted I have is version 1.7.1 and it is 
>> all I have.

ubuntu does not install parted or gparted or qtparted.  somehow you
obtained it.  i use the version of gparted in the repo of the ubuntu
version i am currently using at that time.

my gparted says v0.3.3.

>     No but the hard disk is on. I used parted /dev/sda check and it said 
> it didn't know anything about the file system.  So perhaps I can get the 
> other stuff by apt-get but why do you think it will work?

why do i think what will work?  if you mean why do i think parted can
handle windows file systems then the answer is because i've used it to
manipulate them.

someone else suggested the gparted live cd.  i can also suggest using
the systemrescuecd.  google 'em - they are easy to find.

- -d

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