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Karl Larsen wrote:
| Alfred JILKA wrote:
|> Leonard Chatagnier schrieb:
|>> Can someone please tell me what plugin or whatever I
|>> need to be able to play the subject material on
|>> firefox.
|>> I'm running gutsy 7.10 on an amd64 x2 machine and not
|>> having any luck determining what I need to play it.
|>> WMV files play ok. Thanks for any suggestions,
|>> Leonard Chatagnier
|>> lenc5570 at
|> I was faced with the same situation. My solution was running 32bit
|> firefox in wine with flashplayer installed.
|> HTH, Alfred
|     There is no reason to run Firefox in wine, and when I first tried to
| look at a utube movie it errored out saying you need a flash thing
| added, click here. I clicked and went to a page where I d/l the software
| and installed it and now I watch all those things.
| Karl

he is using 64 bit ubuntu, there is no flash for 64 bit.  he needs to
install 32 bit firefox, and 32 bit runtime environment. no need to do it
in wine though like you said.

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