sound card snafu

David Curtis dcurtis at
Sat Mar 29 19:17:39 UTC 2008

I stopped in at a computer store the other day to pick up a SB audigy
but they only had X-fi cards. So without knowing that support for X-fi
is in ALSA 1.0.15 and up, I'm using 7.04, ALSA 1.0.13, I too hastily
purchased one.  Not being one to back away from a challenge I downloaded
 the latest ALSA tarball and went to work. It compiled fine but both
'make install' and 'checkinstall make install' failed. Of course
rendering sound on my system unusable. So I switched back to my SBLive!
Value which became undetectable. To fix this I re-installed,
alsa-base,alsa-utils, all pertinent kernel-header and kernel-image
packages and the restricted modules package (just in case). Now the
SBLive! Value is detected and works except for one issue. No sliders in
alsamix or xfce4-mixer (default mixer applet in Xbuntu) work except for
the one labeled Wave Surround,0 which controls the volume.

Does anybody know what I've changed and failed to reset back to the way
it was?



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