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David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Sat Mar 29 18:04:48 UTC 2008

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NoOp wrote:
>>> When I press ctrl-Alt-F1 to bring up the first text console all sound
>>> that is currently playing in Gnome are stopped.
>>> If I press alt-F7 to go back to Gnome it starts playing again.
>>> Also if I start an audio player in a console such as mplayer there is no
>>> sound.
>>> However, it works if doing it through a gnome-terminal.
>>> Any tips on how this can be fixed?
>> It's working as designed. A tty consoe is just that, a tty console.
>> Think of it this way; you are playing Windows Media Player in Windows
>> XP, you then switch to a DOS prompt - sound stops. You start Windows XP
>> again - sound starts.
> Well that was a dumb reply & my apologies - I should have tried it first.
> If I bring up realplayer and then switch to tty1 ctrl-alt-f1 the music
> continues to play. I believe there is an option in mplayer to stop the
> sound if you switch screens.

Hi NoOp.

Yeah, I was going to say that's not quite right.  If I start sound in
MythTV/XMMS/Flash in Firefox and then switch to a TTY sound continues to
play.  Switching to a TTY is not quite the same as shutting down Windows
to get to a DOS prompt.

Not to mention you can't shut down to a DOS prompt in Windows XP as DOS
does not exist there anymore.  :)  Perhaps you mean by opening a command
prompt window and then making it fullscreen by hitting CRTL+Enter ?  But
then, if you do that in Windows your sound will continue to play - the
multitasking works.

I think we need clarification from the OP - he said all sound currently
playing in Gnome stops.  Perhaps he is using OSS instead of ALSA for
some reason?

Here's what I would do:

- - open System --> Preferences --> Main Menu and then in the Preferences
menu turn on the Multimedia Systems Selector item
- - go to Preferences --> Multimedia Systems Selector and check what
plugin is being used for Audio output
- - try changing it to ALSA or ESD and see if that helps

Just a thought.

- -d
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