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Here's the previous post without the Xorg.0.log

the list software says it's too big, and it's awaiting
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Have a couple ATI cards plugged in, was trying to get dual head working.

I've tried a bunch of xorg.conf files using the free radeon driver an a
versions of the proprietary driver.  Here's the latest.

Rebuilt the attached xorg.conf using:

    dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Removed useless clutter from the xorg.conf before rebooting.

It appeared to work.  My desktop came up and I got to use it for a few
before it went away or got covered up by the white screen.

Tried turning the:

    Option        "UseFBDev"        "true"

On and off.

But now the screen "Whites Out" just after the desktop starts to come up,
before I have a chance to try using it.

Also attached is the latest Xorg.0.log

On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 7:55 AM, Davide Corio <davide.corio at domsense.com>

> Il giorno sab, 29/03/2008 alle 07.36 -0700, drew einhorn ha scritto:
> > The X configuration on my Gutsy desktop got hosed.
> >
> > Reboot
> >
> > Login Screen
> >
> > I login
> >
> > Get white screen, with curson, I can move the cursor with the mouse.
> >
> > I can ssh from another box to a shell prompt.
> which video card are you using? (and which driver)
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Drew Einhorn

Drew Einhorn
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