Recognizing Drives

Aart Koelewijn aart at
Sat Mar 29 13:30:50 UTC 2008

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 21:03:07 -0500, Joseph wrote:

> I have an Iomega Zip Plus drive whiich worked well on a windows XP
> system.  My Ubuntu doesn't seem to want to "see" or recognize it.
> Is it possible for me to get Ubuntu to recognize my Zip Drive???

What kind of Iomega Zip drive (connected to which kind of port)? I have 
an about 10 years old SCSI Iomega Zip drive connected to its own SCSI 
card which is recognized perfectly if it is switched on when the computer 
is booted. It will not be recognized if it was switched of when then 
computer booted and switched on later. But AFAIKR there were several 
kinds of Iomega ZIP drives. The one I have which you connect to a SCSI 
port, others you could connect to the parellel port and maybe also some 
you could connect to a serial or usb port. Depending on the kind of 
connection you might need special drivers.


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