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David Vincent dvincent at sleepdeprived.ca
Sat Mar 29 04:25:13 UTC 2008

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> --- Joseph <ubuntu at e-pops.org> wrote:
>> I am having difficulty a lot with shut downs.  I
>> click the red and white
>> shut down button which gives [I think] six choices
>> of what to do....
>> such as hibernate, shut down, restart, etc.
>> When I click the button and the choice screen comes
>> up, there's no
>> restart or shut down buttons.  There's only the "Log
>> out, lock screen,
>> switch user, suspend, and hibernate" buttons. 
>> Therefore I have to do a
>> sudden shut down by pushing the power button.
>> Why do the shut down and restart buttons not show up
>> and how can I get
>> them back and keep them?
>> Thanks
> Joseph,
> Not a good idea to force shutdown as you describe. You
> can not only lose data but corrupt the file system.
> Do just what you said you were doing and choose the
> first icon in the list of options, ie., log out. This
> will bring you back to the login screen. From there
> click the bottom right icon which will bring up
> another popup menu that has "shutdown" at the bottom
> of the list. Click the shutdown item and you system
> will shutdown and turn off your computer. I think
> that's the way it's supposed to work and the way it
> works for me.
> If you go to top menu bar and select System -> quit,
> it works the same way.  Hope that helps and good luck,


It's perfectly fine to shutdown in the manner Joseph has chosen.  The
file system is properly unmounted and should not become corrupted.

You are correct however that he may lose data - while the system is
forcing this shutdown it will close all the apps without asking if he
wants to save anything.

Joesph - I recall a problem like this related to Compiz/Beryl/Desktop
Effects.  Do you use those?  If you turn them off do your buttons come
back?  What is your video card and driver?

- -d
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