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NoOp wrote:
| On 03/27/2008 09:36 PM, NoOp wrote:
|> What is the easiest way to install Hardy on a separate partion?
|> Here is the situation:
|> A friend has Gutsy installed on sdb1 (swap on sdb5), so he'd created a
|> second partition (sdb3, swap on sdb6) and installed Hardy Alpha 6 into
|> sdb3. Unfortunately he ended up with a Busybox intramfs on boot. So
|> after a couple of days of emails I finally got his grub & fstab back to
|> normal (it was pointing to sdb3) by putting grub on sda1 (his Windows
|> drive) and pointing root back to his gutsy sdb1:
|> sudo grub
|> grub> root (hd1,0)
|> grub> setup (hd0)
|> grub> quit
|> Reboot (to hard drive).
|> All is well again with Gutsy, but now he'd like to try again; this time
|> with Hardy Beta on sdb3. I'm reluctant to have him just go ahead and try
|> the install (alternate CD) again without some guidance from the list.
|> So, any advise on how to go about this without having to redo grub &
|> fstab edits again in case of failure/Busybox?
| Bump.
| Nobody has 7.10 (or Feisty) on one partition and 8.04 (or Gutsy) on
| another on the same drive?
| Even pointers to RTFM are appreciated.

why dont you just run the update manager and upgrade gutsy to hardy?
ive been using hardy for about a month with no problems whatsoever.

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