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Karl Larsen wrote:
| Karl Larsen wrote:
|>     When there is a change in things it is natural to expect a change to
|> the better. Alas a change can and does go both ways. In my personal
|> experience with Linux most change is better.  But there were some that
|> were  terrible.
|>      I was using Fedora Core 4 and with updates and help I got
|> everything I wanted working, or found a way around a problem. I stayed
|> with this version through Fedora Core 5 and 6 and then I think Fedora 7
|> and 8. Late into Fedora 8 I tried it and had my first experience with
|> Pulse Audio. The whole fedora list was full of guys complaining about no
|> audio. Finally a smart guy tried deleting PA files. He deleted just one
|> and his audio started working. He reported his success and many people
|> did what I did. I deleted the one file and was happy again because my
|> audio worked again.
|>     Today I am thinking about upgrading to version 8 and have decided to
|> heck with 8. I will stay with version 7.1 for at least another year,
|> perhaps 3 years. It works just fine. I have a lot of special codex files
|> I apt-get and they make my system work well showing rented movies. I do
|> not want to go through finding all these again.
|> Karl
|     Here is the whole message again. I look at it and see nothing
| terrible. But many of you seem to hate it.
| Karl
all that everyone is trying to say to you is like any adult would do
when you need help...... THINK about what you are saying and how you ask
it so that it will be clear to the other party involved, THEN ask it. if
you are answering a question, make sure you KNOW the answer before you
fire off a half thought of response.  Were all here to help each other,
but posting crap about fedora on an ubuntu list is just plain in
excuseable.  End of story, move on, were done here.

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Steve Reilly

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