[ O.T.] Re: Change

JosephK joseph at oxtedonline.net
Fri Mar 28 22:24:02 UTC 2008

On 15:50 Fri 28 Mar     , Karl Larsen wrote:
> You and others are QUICK to find fault with what I write. The 
> original Change message was a history of my use of Linux and the 
> problems with pulse audio. The first Re: Change had about 60% of the 
> message clipped out and a question about whether I meant Fedora or Ubuntu.
>     This quick changing of a message can make the original writer look 
> stupid.
Karl, you manage that for yourself very well.

Your posts consistently give misinformation that could lead users to at
best give up on a particular problem and at worst trash their entire system.

Please, for the sake of all, go back to Fedora which you have been using
for so many years.


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