IBM HS21 cant run UBUNTU 7.10 and UBUNTU 8.0

Karl Larsen k5di at
Fri Mar 28 12:12:21 UTC 2008

John Peñamante Combalicer wrote:
> I have spent 3days trying to make Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.0 on our new IBM Blade
> HS21 on S Chassis but to no avail it doesnt work.
> Can somebody put it out to me why?
> The installation completed and it requires me to restart but after
> restarting it doesnt boot up and only showed blank screen.
> Please i need your help badly..
> Thank you!
    Sounds like your new computer has the wonderful nVidia video card. 
Please let your system boot up to no video. Then hold Ctrl and Alt and 
press F1. Log in as you and do this:

    $ sudo lspci

and see what video hardware you have.



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