Question on securely wiping EXT3 and some questions on linux and privacy in general

Naja Melan najamelan at
Thu Mar 27 17:15:16 UTC 2008

ok, thx, mounting as ext2 might be a step forward that i hadn't thought of
yet, however, i still don't quite understand it. Please correct me where i
go wrong:

1. The sensitive information is *in* the MFT and the Journal file on disk,
as well as in the actual file. After creating the files, damage is done.
2. shred wipes the data on disk *where* the file was stored, but it doesn't
wipe the MFT nor the Journal
3. mounting as ext2 would help against further contaminating the journal
with more sensitive data, which might happen if the shred oparation would
cause the creation of journal entries such as: overwrite "*sensitive
filename*" with  "my random data" ...

what am i missing?
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