Auto update failure

Bob McConnell rmcconne at
Thu Mar 27 03:28:24 UTC 2008

Fred Schuelzky wrote:
> Hi Tiemen
>     Thanks for the info,  I tried the url with firefox and got that 404 
> message, so I thought the server was down.  I'm new and having a blast 
> learning.
> Thanks
> Fred

Hi Fred,

The 404 error is from the server telling you it doesn't have the file 
you requested. i.e. "File not found". It is one of the standard HTTP 
error codes the server will send back to your browser when it has a 
problem. If the server is down, the browser will usually tell you the 
server took too long to respond so the browser gave up. The "Server not 
found" error means the server name isn't in the DNS lookup table.


Bob McConnell

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