FYI: How will this WEB gestapo affect Ubuntu and OS ?

LinuxLearner passiveprofits at
Wed Mar 26 13:36:20 UTC 2008

thomas fisher wrote:
> Here it comes:
>   Usually news leaks like this tend to proceed the actual deployment not too 
> far in advance.
> Are there possible workarounds?
> Hope this is of use.
> Tom

Hi Tom,

If you are experiencing the web in censored ways, or if you want simply 
to advance the cause of censorless access, you would be hard pushed to 
beat installing Tor ( , from memory) and using it for 
your own browsing efforts, but more importantly, install it/configure it 
to act as a server, too (either full, or only as 'transit' {middle man} 
server).  The latter will protect you from legal and other nastiness, 
possibly (but not definitely! ;)).

See the website for a full(er) explanation.

"They have been at a great feast of languages,
and stolen the scraps."

- William Shakespeare, talking about Microsoft (?!)

OK, so in "Love's Labour's Lost", apparently!

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