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Kevin Whitefoot kwhitefoot at
Wed Mar 26 19:09:18 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
> On 03/26/2008 01:24 AM, Donny George wrote:
>> hello
>> i had installed ubuntu 7.10  as dual boot with the already installed windows
>> xp. ubuntu was installed perfectly. i also restarted and verified it. But
>> suddenly now the grub is not coming. i am only a newcomer to linux environ.
>> but i am wondering why this has happened when i have done no more changes to
>> the system after i installed ubuntu.
>> kindly help
>> donny
> 1. Boot using a live CD, then change to a terminal window.
> 2. From the terminal window:
> grub-install --recheck /dev/hda
> or /dev sda for a SATA drive.
> Reboot.
> Note: substitute hdb or sdb if you are using your b drive for Ubuntu.
> Alternately:
You probably don't need to use any external tools at all.
Just interrupt Grub before it boots and edit the boot command to tell it 
to boot from hd0 instead of hd1 (at least those are the values that I 
have to change when it happens to me).

This happens to me whenever I get an update to Grub.  I think it hasn't 
occurred to the maintainers that people actually boot from USB disks.  
When Grub is installed it seems to think that the external USB disk is 
the second disk if there is an internal disk in the machine and it 
writes the boot command accordingly but during boot the USB disk is in 
fact the first disk so even though it reads the Grub boot information it 
looks for the boot partition on a disk that isn't there or worse it 
finds a boot partition that isn't the one you intended. 

The solution in my case is to interrupt Grub before it boots, edit the 
boot command, then save default, then boot.

You can also do it without saving and then edit the Grub configuration 
after you have logged in.

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