Ubuntu + vmware

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Wed Mar 26 13:01:15 UTC 2008

Alan E. Davis wrote:
> I can only say that using vmware-server, it is free and doesn't expire.  I
> was able to fine usb settings, on another machine running Gentoo.  I haven't
> tried yet on Ubuntu.  There is a setting, on the tool bar/menubar of the
> console, but it was hidden there somewhere unexpected.

I was using 1.0.4 and had an XP guest using iTunes to update my Nano, 
but I had to kill the high-speed USB module in order for iTunes to see 
the Nano.  There was an update on vmware to 1.0.5, but the update list 
said it was just a maintenance release, nothing about fixing the USB 

The Touch wasn't seen as a usable device in 1.0.4.  Windows would bubble 
a message about seeing a device plugged in, but from there would do 
nothing more.

The beta for 2.0 said it now has full support for USB 2.0, and there 
were some speculating that the Touch and Phone will only work on USB 2.0 
from my Google searches.  So I downloaded it to try it.  After it 
installed I found some saying all their betas expire and then after 
searching around I found that despite the USB 2.0 support on the site 
the actual current beta seems to have that support deactivated.  @!#$!

I was hoping a new beta or final product would be coming out before the 

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