grub lost, please help

Wed Mar 26 09:00:30 UTC 2008

De:  Donny George
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Asunto: grub lost, please help



>i had installed ubuntu 7.10  as dual boot 
In two different hard disks or two partitions in the same hard disk ?. I prefer the first, to avoid partitions.
>with the already installed windows xp. ubuntu was installed perfectly. i also restarted and verified it. But suddenly now the grub is not coming. i am only a newcomer to linux environ. but i am wondering why this has happened when i have done no more changes to the system after i installed ubuntu.

I have read reciently some literature about this problem, because I am thinking about change from Lilo to Grub (unfortunatelly, there is not an automatic and Graphic tool to migrate lilo configuration files to grub menu.lst configuration file).
 You have some tools to help you:
Try with SuperGrub ( ) , a tool to restore and repair overwritten and misconfigured GRUB installs or directly boot operating systems. 
Also you can use  GrubED  ( ) to graphically edit Grub configuration file (menu.lst).
I think they both would be included in Ubuntu and also a Ncurses version (so, one could use in Windows, with Win32GNU).
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