Configuring graphics card

Wed Mar 26 08:36:17 UTC 2008

De:  musicman
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Asunto: Re: Configuring graphics card

>I have a very similar problem with the ATI Radeon X1300. It's even
listed as a driver that works, it always fails and I need to go back
to the VESA. Same with my monitor - Dell 1907FP monitor - I  can
choose it from the list, but it always defaults back to plug and play.

Bad news. I think if it detects the right graphics card and monitor would fix it, so it has not to ask next time ( or reinstall).

>I've just tried a reinstall last night of Hardy beta to try and fix
teh problem, and I wasn't even asked during the installation if I
wanted to choose! 

And in reinstallation to higher version preserve the detected hardware (re-check if it is till installed and store this hardware configuration for the new installation).



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