Ubuntu on a Mac Network

John Doe hommeentete at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 04:57:43 UTC 2008


    Thanks to all who replied to my earlier message about OpenSSH.  The
problem has been resolved!  Thanks!

    I also wanted to apologize for anyone who saw that I sent that message
about OpenSSH about five times.  I was having trouble adjusting my
Thunderbird settings for outgoing imap servers between two different e-mail
accounts.  I've got that figured out and corrected too.

   I'm e-mailing now because I have my Ubuntu Unix boxed networked to an
Apple Airport Extreme that has a laptop, an external hard drive, and two
printers connected to it but I'm unable to see any of these in Places >
Network or Places > Network > Windows Network.  I'm wondering if anyone has
any experience/advice about how I might fix this.  Thanks.

- hommeentete
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