Asus Eee PC and Ubuntu

komputes komputes at
Tue Mar 25 14:14:23 UTC 2008

I've installed ubuntu on my eeepc and it works to a certain extent. Here 
is a link that may help you most to see what works and what doesn't and 
what needs to be changed. I haven't tried eeeXubuntu yet, but it's 
apparently optimized, but what can I say, I like Gnome.


Eric Dunbar wrote:
> Hello all:
> I thought I'd post a question here to find out how other Asus Eee PC
> users are doing with Ubuntu.
> I have yet to install Ubuntu but after having fiddled around with
> Xandros for a while I've come to the conclusion I'd rather have Ubuntu
> running this machine than a flakey, poorly coded hack job (e.g. if you
> try to save a file in FireFox 2.0.7, FireFox will no longer accept
> keyboard input until you close & reopen the application).
> The only thing that the hackjob has going for it, I suspect, is that
> some apps probably have had their dialogue boxes resized to fit the
> 800*480 screen, and, they've got reasonable integration of multimedia
> apps & codecs with FireFox.
> Have people here tried Ubuntu (yes, I imagine :-) on their little Eee
> PC, and, if so, have you run into problems with over-sized dialogue
> boxes?
> PS I love my Eee PC -- it's amazing in how FAST and SMALL it is...
> I've already managed to misplace it in my backpack because it's so
> small (I thought I'd left it at home but I'd put it in the SMALLest
> compartment in the backpack) ... I regularly lug around textbooks that
> are twice the size and weight of this tiny laptop.
> Thanks, Eric.

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