install rake from gem versus apt-get

Thufir hawat.thufir at
Tue Mar 25 11:16:08 UTC 2008

Because I'll be installing some gems, it's not a good idea to install 
gems through apt-get, is it?

In any event, I seem to have the "rake" gem installed, but it acts like 
it's not.  I can uninstall ruby-full and re-install it, but...

root at arrakis:~# 
root at arrakis:~# gem install rake
Successfully installed rake-0.8.1
Installing ri documentation for rake-0.8.1...
Installing RDoc documentation for rake-0.8.1...
root at arrakis:~# 
root at arrakis:~# 
root at arrakis:~# rake
The program 'rake' is currently not installed.  You can install it by 
apt-get install rake
-su: rake: command not found
root at arrakis:~# 



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