.deb pakage querys

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De:  Wulfy
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Asunto: Re: .deb pakage querys

Robert Holtzman wrote:
> search <package name>" seems to show whether the package is installed but
> gives no version information.
>> Can someone tell me what I'm missing?
>> Thanks
>apt-cache policy <package-name>

Has one to include the package-name ?. If I could use only  apt-cache policy  or apt-cache policy *  I could have a list of installed packages and version installed (i.e. to do a apt-cache policy >  packagelist.txt ).

Because I dpkg-ed the Vodafone package, I have broken packages. So, the broken status in the list would be also good.

In any case, a web interface to a server to upload the list and get as response the files to download would be the ideal solution (so, I could upload the list and download the packges in Windows, where I have the Intenet connnection).



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