Order of interfaces in /proc/net/dev

John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at fjellstad.org
Tue Mar 25 09:54:25 UTC 2008

"Paulo Estrela" <paulojbe at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Anybody knows which define the order of interfaces listed in
> /proc/net/dev? I'm using snmp to monitor my servers and when I use
> snmpwalk to list server's intefaces I see that eth0 is not interface
> 2, but interface 3. Interface 2 is eth2. Chating with people form
> net-snmp project they said that snmp interface order is bound to
> /proc/net/dev interface order, but which define interface order in
> this pseudo-file? In my system, /proc/net/dev looks like this:

I'm guessing the order is based on when the device is discovered and the
module is loaded, while the name is based on the persistent rule in
udev. If that's correct, you could force the order of the module load by
adding them in /etc/modules in the order you want.

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