DNS Host - who is it?

John John at DMJ-Consultancy.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 00:19:54 UTC 2008

J & K Spaulding wrote:
> Did you try adding your dns server to the /etc/hosts file? 
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> Hi,
> I've just acquired a laptop with Ubuntu 7.10 and I'm trying to connect 
> it to my server (also Linux but not yet Ubuntu!) which provides DNS, 
> DHCP and Apache services among others.
> Whilst the laptop talks happily with the internet through the server 
> (it's the only way out!), it does not pick up my local homepages in the 
> same way as my other local computers do. I suspect that although I've 
> set its network (cable) to DHCP, it's not picking up the identity of my 
> local DNS Server. (It finds it by IP address but does not resolve its name).
> ifconfig -a shows me that the laptop has picked up an address from the 
> server but it does not tell me who the DNS servers are.
> Where should I look to find out what other information the laptop has 
> received from the DHCP server?
> Thanks in Advance
> John
No, I have not tried that yet, simply because it was not necessary on my 
other Ubuntu laptop, which works 'correctly' and resolves the server. 
Apart from the host name, the two /etc/hosts files are identical between 
the two laptops.


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