Bob McConnell rmcconne at lightlink.com
Mon Mar 24 22:07:30 UTC 2008

Richard wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2008 1:26:32 pm JosephK wrote:
>> On 12:27 Mon 24 Mar     , Richard wrote:
>>> I know how to make a audio cd...
>>> but, how does one make a dvd-audio disk that plays, like a audio cd?
>>> if that's even possible.
>> Not too sure what you are trying to do but if anything can do it 'sox'
>> can
>> http://sox.sourceforge.net/
>> The Swiss Army Knife of audio processing
>> --
>> Regards, Joe
> well, have this portable dvd player,
> small, with a 7" screen, thought about burning
> some audio cd's, but then , dvd's can hold allot more audio songs,
> hence, dvd-audio disc? 4.7GB worth vs 700MB worth.. 
> I will check out sox
> Thanks -
> Rich

Might I make a suggestion. Before you go too far with this, create and 
burn a data CD with an assortment of files on it. i.e. mp3, flac, ogg, 
etc. Put it into the player and see which formats it can actually play. 
That way you will know which types to burn onto the DVD. Then I believe 
you want to create and burn a data DVD, not a video or audio format. 
Again, I suggest you burn a sampler first to see if it will actually work.

I have an old Mintek MDP-5860 with a 5" screen. It will play MP3 off a 
data CD with no problems*. I haven't tried other formats, nor burning a 
DVD for it yet.

(*) Well, actually there is one problem. It always starts on the first 
file after a power cycle. So if we use it in the car on long trips, we 
have to fiddle with it after each stop.

Bob McConnell

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