Total Crash of System

Desertfox desertfox46 at
Mon Mar 24 08:29:49 UTC 2008

I just joined to post my experience with installing flash 9.  If anyone has
any suggestions as to how to get around the problem it would be appreciated.


My setup is Ubuntu 7.10 using an upgrade to Firefox 3.0b3.  I installed
Flashplayer 9 according to the instructions on the Adobe site.  After
installation, the system semi-froze - I could open some things but not
others.  As a result, I rebooted the system and that is where everything
crashed.  I could not boot into Ubuntu from the hard disk.  I could not boot
using the live CD option - running it off of the CD.  I tried Ultimate
Ubunto based on 7.10 - no luck.  What I get is the Ubuntu loading screen,
the loading bar finishes going to the right and then the system just stops.


I tried the 8.04 alpha and that does allow me to boot into the live CD
option and run the system with no problems.  I have not installed it because
it is an alpha but I am downloading the beta and will install that.


I have read that others have had crashes when installing Flashplayer but
none have reported a total unrecoverable system crash.


The one thing I did notice is that the screen resolution that I was using
changed to 1024 x 768 - I was using a higher resolution.  And the 8.04 loads
with a resolution of 800 x 600.  Have no idea if this is connected to the
problem or not.





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