Difference between Kubuntu and apt-get kde?

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 04:49:49 UTC 2008

It shouldn't affect the performance when these applications aren't
running... but it'll take up some space on your hard drive and may use
more RAM when they are running. I've never had a big problem with that
when using KDE applications on Gnome, though.
On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 23:36 +0100, Janus wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 21:28 +0100, Gilles Gravier wrote:
> > Ditto here... I use kstars... on generic Ubuntu because I like GNOME... :)
> Will installing e.g. Kstars or Marble - and thereby various other KDE
> stuff/libraries because of necessary dependencies - make up for a less
> responsive system or cause other drawbacks over a "clean" GNOME
> desktop?
> Janus
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