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Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Mon Mar 24 04:35:50 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 22:56 -0500, Linda Hanigan wrote:
> I was wondering if there is a way to use the places (file manager) as
> root, since you can't logon to the desk top as root. I need to fix my
> Samba settings so the files that are put in the common directory can be
> accessed by everyone. In the meantime I have a lot of files that need to
> have permissions changed. I can do it from the command line just thought
> it would be easier if there is a way? 
If you are using GNOME, you can use file manager as root by hitting Alt
+F2, enter "gksu nautilus", without the quotes, it will ask for your
password, and you can now use file manager as root. If you are changing
a lot of file permissions in one directory, from the command line, you
can use "chmod -R 1755 /dir" to change all permissions of all the files
in /dir to rxw -rw -rw  using a single command.

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