Thunderbird, Default mail?

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at
Sun Mar 23 23:44:57 UTC 2008

G'day there Willis,

> As suggested by the title, how do I make it default?  I am running
> v.7.10 and I have uninstalled Evolution.  Now I have no default mail app.
> Thanks gentlemen.
    IIRC, always dubious at my age, there is an option under T/Bird's 
'Tools | Options | General" tab which allows T/Bird to check whether 
it's the default emailer when it's run. I think that if it's not, it 
starts up a dialogue to ask if you want to make it the default. I know 
that's how the Windoze version works (that's what I'm using now so I 
can't check the Linux variant).

See ya

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