Difference between Kubuntu and apt-get kde?

Gilles Gravier gilles at gravier.org
Sun Mar 23 20:28:36 UTC 2008

Ditto here... I use kstars... on generic Ubuntu because I like GNOME... :)


JosephK wrote:
> On 20:30 Sun 23 Mar     , Michael Zoet wrote:
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>> John Conover schrieb:
>>> What's the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu with apt-get kde?
>> This is IMHO and other people might see it different!
>> For me there is no differences in installing KDE on a (GNOME) Ubuntu
>> system. Or installing GNOME on a (KDE) Kubuntu System. You can
>> configure both systems to behave the same way.  (By using
>> update-alternatives.) You can even change a Ubutu server installatiob
>> to a Kubuntu/Xubuntu and so on system. And vice versa. You only need
>> to know which packages you need to install or deinstall. (Freedom of
>> choice ;-).)
> <big snip>
> Good explanation John. 
> Also, you do not need to install all of KDE on Gnome or vice versa if
> all you want are a few apps. Without wishing to start a flame war, I do
> not like the KDE desktop but need some KDE apps, eg Amarok. Synaptic (or
> apt-get or aptitude) will take care of the dependencies if you wish to
> install a KDE app on Gnome or a Gnome app on KDE. But be aware that in
> some cases there may be performance issues and, rarely, breakages.
> You may also need to manually configure preferred applications.

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