Connecting to a USB Print Server to print to my HP LaserJet 5 - HELP

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Sun Mar 23 04:50:44 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-03-22 at 23:08 -0400, ogoforth at wrote:
> The USB Print server in question is a D-Link DP-301P+.  I have an HP LaserJet 5 connected to it.  It works great with MS.  D-Link will not provide support for Linux even though they advertise the product being Linux compatible. 
> Thank you,
> Odean
> ---- Gareth Howells <subscriptions at> wrote: 
> > From: "Odean H. Goforth" <ogoforth at>
> > 
> > That would depend on the make and model of the print server. While some 
> > hardware uses standardised protocols, other hardware requires proprietary 
> > software provided by the hardware manufacturer. 

Just a feedback out of own experience:

Not USB but for Parallel Printers using D-Link's DP-311P, 
connects the printer wireless ! ;-)

It's setting is very easy plain TCP/IP and works with 
OS/2 Warp 4, Ubuntu and Win XPP ;-))

Unfortunately the units are already EOL and support, 
however I never needed, seems to be stopped soon !?

Cool solution. ;-D

Cheers, svobi

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