debiani386 debiani386 at
Sat Mar 22 16:41:56 UTC 2008

Willis Taylor wrote:
> 	I have found a nuber of posts on this list and in the forums asking
> about support as though it is lacking, it isn't.  Right off the bat I
> found Ubuntu for Dummies and several other Linux and Ubuntu books at the
> Half Price Bookstore and my Firefox browser came with links installed to
> various Ubuntu web sites.  For a number of years I was a Beta Tester of
> Windows software and for all that time if I had an issue I had to submit
> an email or pay for Support from MS.

Well, thats one thing i like about linux distros. You get free support 
And a great example of that would be this email list right here.

And if the email list doesnt provide the answers you need, then you can 
consult google and other search engines. They may provide the answer(s) 
you are looking for.


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