sixaxis controllers recognised but not working (USB or bluetooth)

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at
Fri Mar 21 08:25:40 UTC 2008

I am running Gutsy with the stock kernel 2.6.22-14.  I have the sixaxis 
controllers from the PS3 and am trying to use them either as USB or 
bluetooth joysticks.  There is ample documentation about this which I 
have followed.  However although the controllers are recognised by the 
kernel and respond to the device file /dev/input/js0, none of the 
buttons work.

For example: I have run jsconfigurator, which should show me the buttons 
that I am pressing on the controller as I press them, but it doesn't. 
Similarly there is a program called js2key which ought to respond to a 
button press but won't (see  Finally when 
I run jstest --event which should show button presses as I make them, it 

Having said that, when I run Planet Penguin Racer, TuX spirals around 
like a loon, so obviously it thinks that I am pressing something even 
though I'm not, but nothing that I do press makes any difference.

Have searched the mailing list and Web archives to no avail.  Can anyone 
suggest what might be going on here?  Needless to say the controllers 
work on the PS3.


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