Willis Taylor th1bill at
Fri Mar 21 02:27:48 UTC 2008

	I have found a nuber of posts on this list and in the forums asking
about support as though it is lacking, it isn't.  Right off the bat I
found Ubuntu for Dummies and several other Linux and Ubuntu books at the
Half Price Bookstore and my Firefox browser came with links installed to
various Ubuntu web sites.  For a number of years I was a Beta Tester of
Windows software and for all that time if I had an issue I had to submit
an email or pay for Support from MS.
	As soon as I found out I could purchase OEM copies I gave MS Support
the big wave and I have never used the service anyway.  I understand
they get 40 bucks an hour and not from me they don't.  Ubuntu on the
other hand has totally ruined me.  There is so much documentation on
line that I will never be able to read it all.  To top that off, I did
not pay 200 dollars or more for the system and somebody always helps me,
even at 2, 3 or 4 in the morning, all free of charge.
	There'll never be another Windows Key Code sticker on a machine I
build, they are all powered by Ubuntu. 'Nuff said.
Bond Servant,
Bill Taylor
Killer Spade 806 CE

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