Burning CD with song titles?

Patton Echols p.echols at comcast.net
Fri Mar 21 02:12:51 UTC 2008

On 03/19/2008 08:16 PM, Patton Echols wrote:
> On 03/19/2008 08:17 AM, Rashkae wrote:
>> Mike Adolf wrote:
>>> Anyone know how to burn quality CDs including the song's title and 
>>> author. I've tried K3b. It allows you to type in titles and authors and 
>>> more, but after burning, the titles and authors are not on the CD?
>>> Mike
>> If you're trying to create a music CD to play on CD players, then no,
>> you cannot.  Music CD's have no method of storing that kind of
>> information.  The only reason the computer can sometimes find that
>> information when you put in a music CD is because the computer connects
>> to a database of known music CD's over the internet to identify the disc
>> you inserted and download the relevant info... However, if you make
>> custom discs, there is no way your disc will be in that database (ie, it
>> only works for mass produced CD's)
> I thought there was an index on a mass produced CD .  .  .  otherwise, 
> how does the computer know what disk to search for?
> Another, related question:  Is there a way to make a byte for byte copy 
> of a music CD?

Update from my further research.

Brasero supports direct copy of a cd -- basically what I really meant by 
"byte for byte".  With one drive, I was able to "burn" a music cd to a 
cddao image, then burn the image to a blank CD.  Playing it in my 
windows xp computer at the office, cddb  works, looks up the album art 
etc just as you would expect.
  The caution here is that the initial image creation took an 
extraordinarily long time.  As long as playing the CD.  I have reason to 
believe that is not normal behavior, but have not tested for that yet.

Brasero also says that it supports cd-text.  I see no "settings" for 
that.  Presumably it is the default behavior.  I created a compilation.  
While it plays on my windows xp machine, it does  not show track names.  
As I understand it,
some players don't support cd-text even if it is on the disk.  The same 
disk, however, does show track names in my car.  So cd-text seems to 
work.  The original CD and the full copy, however just show track 1, 
track 2 . . . etc in the car.  I guess not all commercial CD's have that 

You know, the "gold standard" would be something that took a CD, read 
CDDB and created the CD-Text, then recreated the disk so that it would 
work both ways.  I'm guessing that is a "No Way" . . . (Hmmm, but that 
would depend on what the CDDB really compares . . . Hmmmmmmm)

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