corporate solutions run on Red Hat not Ubuntu. Thoughts...?

Mike McGinn mikemcginn at
Thu Mar 20 18:47:10 UTC 2008

Well, I run Ubuntu servers and the lack of support has never been an issue 
because I have never needed support. I run Gutsy on them, samba, mysql, cvsd, 
and apache and have had no problems with the installs. They pretty much don't 
need much care.

I did run RH for a while. I was not real happy with it. If you can't get what 
you need from a RH package it is all too easy to hose the system. Also, 
having used RPM based package systems (RH, Mandriva 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2) and 
the DEB based Ubuntis, I can say the DEB systems have never left me in 
dependency hell, which is where I found myself all to often with the RPM 

On Thursday 20 March 2008 14:37:59 Damien Hull wrote:
> I'm looking into different enterprise email groupware solutions. The ones
> that do calendaring and file sharing. The truly open source software
> solutions run on anything. There are a few that are Red Hat and Suse only.
> Here's what I'm looking at.
> 1. - I'm using this on Ubuntu
> 2. - Red Hat and Suse
> 3. open xchange - community addition runs on Ubuntu
> How do Ubuntu server administrators feel about the lack of Ubuntu support?
> Should I switch my servers to Red Hat? I haven't do this because it costs
> $$$.

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