Upgrade to Gutsy via DVD

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at mysoul.com.au
Thu Mar 20 07:57:11 UTC 2008

G'day there NoOp, et al,

> Provide some details & folks here should be able to get you online.
    I'll take you up on that later, but for the immediate future SWMBO 
has ordained that I work in the yard, not the 'pooter room =).

> Unless of course if you are using wireless... then it might take some
> extra work. Wireless was working just fine on my son's Feisty installs,
> but fell in the crapper with Gutsy.
    I *do* have wireless, but I don't now recall whether it was working 
or not. I think it was the latter, but I'll have to check again.
> gutsy (from feisty) using the alternate cd and no network on several
> machines and it went well - better than the online upgrades as a matter
> of fact. After the upgrade then I did the standard apt-get
> update/upgrade to get all the updates.
    I've now done the same =). I had a bit of a hassle when I tried the 
apt-get update bit, but then figured that I hadn't completed the job. 
The menu entry for upgrading (I forget what it's called now) told me 
that it wanted to do a partial update/upgrade and I dismissed the 
dialogue initially, thinking that it had no relation to what I was 
doing. I realised after a time that I needed to run it to finish the 
whole thing since I'd only copied the .debs from the DVD and not 
actually installed them. Once I did install them I was able to go online 
and do the update/upgrade bit and all is now well. Thanks for your advice.

    However I did notice that my "Other" menu entry now has 14 bazillion 
entries! (Yes, that's the exact number... I counted them all). I've not 
tried all of them, but most seem to do something. I guess I'll have to 
go through and modify the menus to put them into the appropriate sections.

    While I'm in "Whinge & Whine" mode, how come the installs load every 
language known to mankind? I only speak one but even though I chose 
English in the install procedure I've got dozens and dozens of language 
settings, localised fonts and who knows what else, that was all updated 
when I don't need them. I'm one of those users who has never learned a 
second language (and I assume not the only one) but I'm still stuck with 
stacks of crap I don't need unless I manually remove them ...again.

See ya
Thanks for the assistance once again,
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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