Upgrade to Gutsy via DVD

Ken McLennan kenrmcl at mysoul.com.au
Tue Mar 18 22:38:26 UTC 2008

G'day there One & All,

    I'm  currently running Feisty on my laptop, dual booting with Vista 
and it all works fine. I would like to upgrade to Gutsy but I have some 

    I previously clicked the 'upgrade' button on the software 
installation window and the resulting mess led to a disk reformat to get 
back to Feisty (I accept that it was more than likely that the install 
could have been saved had I known what to look for) but I'm just a tad 
hesitant to give it another go. I've installed Gutsy on my desktop from 
a magazine cover disk and it was fine except that it now can't get 
online. I think there's a kernel module not loading, but it's not a 
critical issue at the moment so I've not chased it up yet.

    My question is...   can I use the standard 7.10 DVD installer to 
upgrade my current Feisty setup? The Ubuntu site describes how to do it 
with the alternative iso, but if I have to download it I may as well 
just click the 'upgrade' button again and risk losing the lot once more.

    Any advice or suggestions are gratefully accepted.

Thanks for listening
Ken McLennan
Qld, Australia

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