ubuntu desktop effects

Victor Sterpu victor at ambra.ro
Tue Mar 18 18:28:33 UTC 2008

I hava a laptop with a video card ATI RC410 Radeon Xpres 200M.

When I log on, if I start mozilla first, the interior of the mozilla 
window is corrupted(if I move the window the content is overlaping).

But if, after mozilla I start synaptic by example the corruption dissapears.

Desktop effects work fine after this.

Now I tested a little bit more and I can be more precise.

Is not enough to run synaptic, but I must search for something in order 
for the corruption to disspear(when I search a new window appears).
Also there are application that are never corrupted like "System Monitor".

I also tryed to start a explorer, a terminal, a ubuntu help, a "Login 
Window preferences" and all of these contain the same corruption until a 
make a search in synaptic.

And now I tested even more, trying to open a few aplications that open 
many windowses, but it seems that only synaptic can make this problem go 
away, and it goes away only when I make a search. So there is not enough 
to open the search window.

I also remarked that when I do the synaptic search the synaptic window 
becomes darker for a few seconds.

Right after this the desktop effects start to work fine.

Any ideeas how can I fix this without running synaptic?

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